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Website Design

One Wet Shoe Media specializes in custom website design. We meet with each customer to determine the best solution for his/her specific needs. We don't use templates, every job is built from the ground up based on the customer needs and wants.

All website design jobs are charged at a flat rate, which begins with the base rates listed below. Additional features and elements, as well as any updates and maintenance done after job completion will be billed at an hourly rate. The customer pays 50% up front, and the remainder of the contract is due on completion of the project.

Static Website

Base Rate: $750.00

Static website design is appropriate for smaller websites looking to simply display information about a business or person, without complex features. Static websites are designed to look really professional with stylish graphics and content, and the major advantage is that a basic website is easier, faster, and less expensive to design and build.

Static websites can have as few as one or two pages (usually five or six) and typically follow a common format:

  • Home Page - an eye-catching introduction to your business with clear summary information about what you do
  • About / Philosophy - who you are, your credentials and your values
  • Services - one page for each different service you offer
  • Contact - a contact form, address/telephone/email, location map
  • Links - Sites you recommend

Advanced Static Website

Base Rate: $1,000.00

Ideal for small/medium businesses. Advanced static websites are more sophisticated, functional, and interactive. The enhanced design features include:

  • Drop-down navigation
  • Animated jQuery(javascript) effects
  • Flash content
  • Multimedia(audio/video)
  • News Page
  • Social Network plugins
  • Image gallery

Dynamic Website Design /
Large and/or Complex Websites

Base Rate: $1,500.00-$2,000.00

Dynamic websites allow web pages to perform more complex functions and display complex data and interactive content. A dynamic website contains information that changes, depending on the viewer of the site, the time of the day, the time zone, the native language of the country the viewer is in or many other factors.

Some dynamic website features may include:

  • Content Management Systems (the ability to update your website yourself)
  • eCommerce system (shopping carts, online store, payment processing)
  • Bulletin/discussion boards
  • Intranet facilities (document sharing, project tracking, task lists)
  • Ability to upload documents
  • Instant messaging
  • Live streaming video

Other Services

Website hosting services are available to current customers at a yearly rate.

To submit a query please email our programmer.